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Grafting Workshop - via ZOOM Saturday 19th August 2023 1pm - 3:30pm

Grafting Workshop via ZOOM

NOTE this course requires a package of rootstocks and grafting equipment to be shipped to you, please allow a week for this to get to you.

You will learn winter grafting techniques suitable for grafting hardwood fruit trees - apples, pears, quinces, plums, cherries, etc.

Course Content:
• How to harvest and store scion wood.
• How to prepare the root-stock.
• Whip and tongue grafting - the gold standard for grafting a variety (scion) onto a rootstock of similar or larger diameter.
• Cutting technique
• Binding/ taping technique
• Bark (Crown) grafting - reworking an old tree
• Grafting knife sharpening and maintenance
• Secateurs sharpening and maintenance

• Information sheets provided with illustrations.

The following will be mailed to you:

Rootstocks, Scion material and practice grafting wood - you supply your own knife, sealant etc.
• 2 apple rootstocks to graft (value $21)
• A selection of suitable scion wood (apple).
• 3 pieces of buddy tape

OPTIONAL: a grafting kit
• A grafting kit - choose from maserin red (plastic), Maserin olive (wooden handle), Left hand due buoii knife, a 5m roll buddy tape and a pot of bitumen sealant.

Secateurs are not included, and are available fur purchase here.

Numbers limited. Cancellations not available. If you need express postage of course material, this will incur an additional $10 shipping fee.

ZOOM: Zoom meeting link will be emailed the day prior to the course. You can participate from a desktop, laptop, or smart-phone with a ZOOM app installed. Please ensure your zoom app is updated and your login works prior to the workshop. There will be a facility to ask questions in the latter part of the workshop.

Video quality, connection issues and working the Zoom app is the responsibility or the participant, however a guide to be included in the email prior to the workshop.

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Info on what "tree size" means on

FAQ page.

Pollination Guide

  • Pollination is far simpler than most people think. Generally, unless self fertile simply get 2 or more different varieties in the same group (eg pears) to ensure adequate pollination. A more comprehensive explanation can be found in our Pollination Guide
  • More information on Espaliering
  • More information in our Articles and on planting and pruning.
  • Answers to Common Questions.


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Grafting Workshop - via ZOOM Saturday 19th August 2023 1pm - 3:30pm

Grafting Workshop - via ZOOM Saturday 19th August 2023 1pm - 3:30pm

Course Content:
    •    Explanation of Espalier technique including Horizontal-T, Fan espalier and Stepover Espaliers.
    •    Construction of various espalier trellises and fences.
    •    Planting the fruit tree,  pruning and tying onto a wire.
    •    Different techniques for keeping branches where you want them.
    •    Pruning technique for future shaping of espaliers.

This course is aimed at those with some experience who want to broaden their knowledge, or those with little experience who are keen to familiarise themselves with basic technique so they can plan their own espalier systems