Ripening Time
March - April
Chill Tolerance
Normal chill
Self-Fertile (produces viable pollen)
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Quince trees on DWARFING rootstocks. Closely related to the pear, quinces are attractive trees, and the fruit wonderfully aromatic - treasured for cooking, tarts, preserves and jellies.

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  • Ripens: April
    A Turkish quince. Produces a spreading tree, with large leaves. The fruit are large, long and pear-like in shape. Light lemon in colour, very aromatic and firm when cooked, to pale pink. Matures here early April. White flowers with a faint trace of pink.

  • Ripens: March - April
    A quince originally from the USA and a very popular variety in Australia. A very reliable and prolific quince producing large amounts of rather squat pear shaped fruit. Cooks to pale pink. Mid season.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items