Ripening Time
March - April
June - July
Chill Tolerance
Normal chill
Partially Self-Fertile (produces viable pollen)
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Crab Apples

Crab apple trees on SEMI-DWARFING rootstocks. These are considered as ornamentals, but can be used in juicing to offset the sweeter apple or pear. Highly regarded as pollinators for apple varieties because of their prolific flowering.

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  • A flowering crab apple that rarely bears fruit. Produces masses of single bright pink flowers during springtime. The leaves turn beautiful orange and reds in Autumn.

  • Ripens: March - April
    Forms a spreading densly branched tree, producing amazing masses of reddish pink blossom in Spring. During Autumn, produces a lot of small red fruit. This crab is planted as a focal point for its bloom but the fruit can be used in cooking.

  • Ripens: March - April
    A small tree to 4m with an amazing crop of 2cm round clusters of crimson red fruits. Great in flower arrangements and jelly. Originating in NZ.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items