Disclaimer & Legal

Who reads this? 
Here's a summary, and you can read more detail below:

  • Ordering: You are responsible for all the information provided during the ordering process. After ordering, its your responsibility to check that it contains the items you thought you wanted and that the address / email / phone number on the order is correct.
  • Disclaimer : Plants are living things and we cant be held responsible once they leave the nursery. We will try to sort it out if its our mistake. Plant sizes are approximate only.
  • Refunds, Return and Exchanges: for hardware its possible, for plants it's not.
  • Order cancellations: are possible be there may be a fee as it takes time to process refunds.
  • Insurance: Parcels that arrive damaged, are mis-delivered or lost may be eligible for compensation, but contact mus be received in a timely manner in order to be eligible.
  • Privacy: we don't store credit card information. We wont share your details.

When placing the order, you are responsible for providing the correct name, email address, shipping address and phone number for the order. Mis-communication or shipping errors due to mistakes made during this process are not responsibility of Woodbridge Fruit Trees and any costs caused from that will be borne by the customer. After placing your order, please check you have all your details correct and if not, get in contact with plenty of time before your parcel is shipped.

We do take every possible care to grow healthy trees and send these out the variety labeled true to the variety we claim it to be. However, mistakes do rarely occur and therefore, we can give no warranty expressed or implied as to survival, growth, description or productivity of our trees. There are many factors that impact the breaking of dormancy, growth and fruit poduction plants we supply. For example, there may be delay in transplanting, drying out or waterlogging of roots, the soil type where its been planted, the amount of watering / fertilizer applied, presence of soil / air / water borne diseases. We really cannot be held responsible for these factors out of our control. Hence we cannot be held accountable for the performance of any plants once they have left the nursery, including breaking of dormancy, subsequent growth and bearing of fruit. Having said this, we make sure that we send only healthy plants, and we rarely get a complaint. We do however adhere to the principles of honesty and try and make up for shortfall where we have not been able to deliver what we promise.

Due to seasonal variation in climate and growing conditions, we expect there to be a difference in size of the trees that we send. We reserve the right to refund the trees that we cannot supply. Occasionally we end up with a couple fewer trees to send in winter compared to when we count our trees in March. A tree may become damaged during digging, but there are other factors along the way which are not always in our control. We are affected by frost, drought, wind, water-logging and occasionally a rogue tractor, a falling tree or an oversized possum breaking through the fence. Please make allowances for this.

Finally, we grow our trees to be as disease free as possible. We'll leave it completely up to you how you manage pests / soil / water at your end. Only 99.9% of our trees will successfully transplant and grow. The few that die are unfortunately just part of growing living things. We already ask of these plants an incredible feat - to be packed up and transported across a whole continent.

Plant sizes are difficult to measure accurately as the trees are counted when still in leaf. Its hard to predict how much the trees will grow over the summer, and some varieties will grow larger trees than others, so expect some variation in size. The arbitrary cut-off between normal and small is approximate.

Refunds, Returns and Exchanges
We cannot accept returns, refunds or exchanges for our trees after they have been sent from the Nursery. This is due to quarantine restrictions back into Tasmania, and because we cannot guarantee the condition of the roots in transit.  We will happily refund any over-payment incurred during the ordering process, and offer reasonable compensation for goods that are deemed defective.

Order Cancellations
Requests to cancel an order that has already been packed regardless if its being being picked up from the nursery or sent via courier / Australia Post will be declined.
Requests to cancel  an order within 2 days of your original order being made will result in the order being refunded in full, unless it has already been picked and packed.
Requests to cancel an order after 2 days of the order being placed, that have not already been picked and packed, will incur an admin fee of 7% of the total order or $20 minimum. This is because of the admin time taken to process the reversal of stocks and reversal of credit card / bank deposit.
Cancellation of your order is not offered if you simply change your mind, found it cheaper elsewhere, or decided you dont like the products afterall.

By signing up/ participating to a course or workshop from Woodbridge Fruit Trees, the participant agrees to assume any risk associated with the course and releases Nik Magnus and Woodbridge Fruit Trees from any claims and loss that may be the result of participation. This includes any personal injuries resulting from participating in the course or attending the venue where the course is to be held.
By participating in a Courses or workshop delivered by zoom or similar technologies, the participant takes full responsibility for the function and quality of the technology used, and any loss of quality or reception will not result in a full or partial refund for that course.
Course and workshop cancellations will be offered with 100% refunded if cancelled withing 7 days of the course commencement, 50% refunded if cancelling within 3 days of course commencement. No refund will be available if cancelling within 3 days of the course commencement.

Mis-delivieries, Lost, Damaged Parcels, Insurance, Parcel contents.
Shipping companies do sometimes make mistakes and we expect prompt contact to sort out any issues.
For damaged parcels, contact must be must be received within 24hrs of parcel arrival and include photos. For mis-delivered parcels, contact must be received within 48hrs from the date the tracking indicating the delivery was made. For undelivered parcels, contact must be received within 4 weeks of parcel dispatch from the nursery. Contact can be made by email, via the contact page of the website, or by phone. For regular shipping, any compensation offered by the shipping company will be forwarded onto the customer where possible. For shipping that includes insurance: claims must be made within the time-frame noted above for it to be valid. Invalid addresses provided on parcels (spelling errors, incorrect postcodes etc) invalidate any refunds from returned parcels or mis-delivered parcels even if uninsured. If there are any complaints regarding parcel contents (eg missing items, size complaints, damaged items) this must occur within 48hrs of the tracking for that item to be marked as Delivered of similar status indicating the parcel has arrived at the postoffice or destination address. Any complaints regarding parcel contents must be accompanied by photographs of the parcel, the packaging, the parcel contents, and the name plate accompanying the parcel (both sides - including the address and the list of plants on the reverse side). Any claims of mis-packaged or missing items after 48 hrs of the parcel being marked as delivered on the tracking will be invalid.

Picking up from Nursery
For nursery pickups, it is the customers responsibility to pick the parcel up in a timely manner following notification being sent by email. In circumstances where there is a delay in pickup, you can request us ship the plants to you instead (incurring shipping charges) to make sure the plants get delivered to you earlier.

We will email you with our newsletters (rarely!) only if you consent. Similarly, we will not share your email address with anyone except our sister nursery, and only with your prior consent. We use a trusted credit-card provider to process your payments, and do not store your credit card details ourselves. We have taken care to keep the details that our customers have provided us (address, phone etc) secure and protected.