Ripening Time
April - May
Chill Tolerance
Needs chill, but does not tolerate frost
Normal chill
Self-Fertile (produces viable pollen)
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Nut Trees

Hazelnuts and almonds. Hazels are great for mass hedging, but can be trained into a small tree. Almond pollination can be tricky but this self-fertile one allows you to grow plenty with just one tree.

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    Pollination of hazelnuts is complex, and to make it easy, we recommend having all 4 varieities to set fruit. Hazelnuts produce a large bush that suckers, although can be trained / pruned into a low tree with a single stem. This hazelnut pack is 4 advanced suckers, containing a mixture of varieties to afford the best chance of pollination and bearing nuts....

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    This sweet flavoursome soft shelled almond is self-fertile, producing a tree about 3m high. A very attractive tree covered in single white flowers just as the leaves emerge in spring. It likes it hot in summer, but well drained soil and enough watering during the summer growth. It needs some winter chill to pollinate but will not tolerate frost. Expect...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items