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Gardening tools - hand tools, weeders, gloves

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    This spade is the ideal planting companion. It can be use one-handed like a trowel, which, lets face it never really provides the leverage or depth for harvesting or planting anything more than seedlings. Or it can be used like a regular spade. The handle is made from tough spotted gum, and the blade is thick solid curved steel. The D-handle is superior...

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    These ruberized gardeing gloves are the best I've found. The rubber coating is thin providing maximum feel when handling tools and plants. Less need to take them off. They last a really long time (unlike the green dipped ones) - becuase the rubber is durable and the material the rubber impregnates is a stretch synthetic rather than perishable cotton. They...

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    This is a great spade for digging and planting in the garden. The durable stainless steel heavy-duty blade is narrow and long - great for digging deeply.  The attractive solid ash handle makes it comfortable to hold. The blade measures 27cm long and 14cm wide, the shape being longer and narrower than a standard spade. Total length is 100cm. Very solid but...

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    These are a plastic plant tag designed to grip a branch or limb. Blank both sides. Easy to tear apart and apply, to renew labels on your trees and plants. Can be printed on using a Thermal Printer with a 4" printer head or by hand using a permanent marker. Use a SHARPIE on both sides for best results. Usually the tag can expect to last 5 years or so in...

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    These traps are hung in the tree during the codling moth season (Spring to summer). The pheromone attracts the male moth where it gets stuck on adhesive, preventing the female from making viable eggs. The trap contains: 1 delta trap - folded coreflute with wires for hanging three adhesive mats three pheromone lures clear instructions. The...

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    These are the sticky bases and pheromone lures to refill your existing delta Trap. three adhesive mats three pheromone lures clear instructions. The adhesive mat and lure are replaced every 6-8 weeks. The trap can be checked weekly and the moths removed. If more than 15 moths are caught in a two week period, a second trap should be used. A full...

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    This tub comes in 500mL, good for multiple and repeated applications. Useful for treating codling moth as the grubs and moths migrate to and from the soil or bark into the tree. Apply tape around the trunk of the tree, then a layer of Tree Guard glue around the circumference of the tree. Replace every 3-4 weeks or when stickiness is reduced or is full of...

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