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Loppers and Saws

Loppers and Saws

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    This is our favourite pruning saw. Very sharp, and the curved design allows it to be used easily above head-height. The length of it allows for a good amount of drawer compared to a smaller folding saw. Cuts on the pull stroke, and clears the sawdust well preventing clogging up. Hard point. Hard plastic handle with room for a pole extension. The scabbard...

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  • $18.00 In Stock

    The curved Corona 15" scabbard fits our Bahco 14" puning saw. Durable protection, keeping the saw from becoming blunt and from cutting you. Includes a belt loop.

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    This is Bahco's entry level lopper and represents great value for money. A longer handle (700mm), give excellent leverage for cutting larger branaches up high. Excellent for light to medium use.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items