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Semi-dwarfing Apples

Heritage apple varieties on SEMI-DWARFING rootstock. These apples are ideal a free-standing tree, rather than espaliering. They are a little more vigorous than our dwarfing trees.

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  • Ripens: March - April
    Also known as Snow apple, Lady in the Snow, Fameuse, Chimney Apple and about 20 other names which reflects its popularity and how widely distributed this variety is. Originated around 1730 in Quebec, Canada an offspring of McIntosh. The attractive smallish fruit have red sometimes striped skin on a background of pale red and green. The flesh is very white

  • Ripens: March - April
    Allowed to ripen on the tree, the Golden Delicious develops into a large yellow coloured apple bursting with crunch, juice and sweetness. Often a splash of russet near the stem, tiny specks over the skin and an orange blush on the sunny side. Stores well. Discovered in USA at the end of the 1800's. An entirely better experience when left to ripen on the...

  • Ripens: February - March
    A medium sized red striped yellow apple with a terrific crunch and reliably pleasant sweet flavour. It's become quiet well known in Australia, being for sale in many of our shops and supermarkets. It's actually about 90 years old, developed by New Zealander John Kidd in the 1930's as a cross between a Golden Delicious and another one of his selections,...

  • Ripens: June - July
    Feedback from our customers rates Sturmer as one of the most satisfying apples to grow. It's extremely late, very acid, and is really a great all rounder - eaten fresh, cooked, juiced or made into cider. By modern standards it's no beauty; with orange/yellow russeted skin, a dense yellowish flesh, and medium in size. It's a very heavy cropper and stores...

  • Ripens: May - June
    A NZ apple of high quality and flavour, maturing late. One of the crispest with juicy flesh and a nice sweet/tart balance. The fruit are quite long and blocky in shape with attractive red stripes on a yellow background. Braeburn has become a very popular commercial apple in the UK. Suitable for low-chill conditions.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items