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A small green pear with a destinct shape. Prized for making perry, with moderate acid and low tannins. Mid season.

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Ripening Time March - April
Fertility Needs a pollinator (produces viable pollen)
Growth Habit Can be espaliered and kept to 1.5 - 2.5m. Free standing tree grows to around 2 -2.5m tall.
Rootstock Dwarfing rootstock
Chill Tolerance Normal chill
Plant Sizes Normal: approx 70-130cm bare rooted; Small: approx 50-70cm bare rooted

Pollination Guide

  • Pollination is far simpler than most people think. Generally, unless self fertile simply get 2 or more different varieties in the same group (eg pears) to ensure adequate pollination. A more comprehensive explanation can be found in our Pollination Guide
  • More information on Espaliering
  • More information in our Articles and on planting and pruning.
  • Answers to Common Questions.


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A medium sized  green pear with a little russet. Good for making perry, with medium acid and medium tannin. Mid-late season.