End of Winter SALE 10-25% off : Ends Tuesday 31st August

From: "Woodbridge Fruit Trees" <woodbridgefruittrees@PROTECTED>
Subject: End of Winter SALE 10-25% off : Ends Tuesday 31st August
Date: August 23rd 2021


Spring Sale! Its been a long and busy winter here in Cygnet, Tasmania. We're offering discounts on remaining stock.

  • 25% off remaining Raspberries - Chilcotin, Autumn Bliss and Heritage
  • 25% off remaining Black, Red and White Currants
  • 25% off Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc Grapes
  • 20% off figs - Black Genoa, Preston Prolific, White Adriatic, Brown Turkey
  • 20% off Crab Apples
  • 15% off  Blueberries - Brigitta, Denise and Blue Rose
  • 15% off Dwarfing Apples and Almonds
  • 10% off Cider apples and Semi-dwarfing apples
  • M26 Rootstocks are still available.
  • Grafting supplies are still available.

To see what is still in stock, pleas use the "in stock" filter on the top left side of the page.

Everything is still dormant here, so its still not too late for transplanting. Pruning is recommended for freshly transplanted fruit trees.
*** Important *** For interstate deliveries, its taking Australia post round 2 weeks for delivery. The plants roots are wrapped in moist sawdust, and are fine for at least 4-5 weeks of transit. We recommed soaking the roots for 24hrs prior to planting and pruning the tree back (not berries).

Terms and conditions of sale.

  1. Sale ends Tuesday 31st August.
  2. Discount is on price of stock listed on the website only. Normal delivery rates apply.
  3. Orders made during the sale cannot be combined with any other orders.
  4. Can be used in conjunction with other vouchers or gift-vouchers.
  5. Any plants that cant be supplied because of stock issuse (mis-count or occasional damaged trees - this tends to happen at this time of year) will be refunded.

Happy planting!
🌿🍎 Nik Magnus,
Woodbridge Fruit trees.

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