Grafting and Espaliering workshops

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Subject: Grafting and Espaliering workshops
Date: July 27th 2021

Dear Friends and Customers of Woodbridge Fruit Trees,


Grafting Workshops at Cygnet, Tasmania - Saturday 7th, 14th and 21st August - book on website

You will learn grafting techniques suitable for grafting hardwood fruit trees - apples, pears, quinces, plums, cherries, etc. Both Whip and Tongue grafting and Bark (crown) grafting for reworking established trees.

Course Content:
    •    How to harvest and store scion wood.
    •    How to prepare the root-stock.
    •    Whip and tongue grafting - the gold standard for grafting a variety (scion) onto a rootstock of similar or larger diameter.
    •    Bark (crown) graft used for reworking an established or old fruit tree
    •    Grafting knife sharpening and maintenance
    •    Secateurs sharpening and maintenance
    •    Cutting technique
    •    Binding/ taping technique
    •    Information sheets provided with illustrations.
    •    Practice grafting wood.
    •    everything to complete the coursework:  A selection of suitable scion wood (apple), practice grafting wood, knife grafting tape, wound sealant, plant labels.
    •    2 apple rootstocks to graft and take home (value $19)

Cost is $90, limited numbers.

Espaliering  Workshops at Cygnet, Tasmania - Saturday 14th and 21st August - book on website

Course Content:
    •    Explanation of Espalier technique including Horizontal-T, Fan espalier and Stepover Espaliers.
    •    Construction of various espalier trellises and fences.
    •    Planting the fruit tree,  pruning and tying onto a wire.
    •    Different techniques for keeping branches where you want them.
    •    Pruning technique for future shaping of espaliers.

This course is aimed at those with some experience who want to broaden their knowledge, or those with little experience who are keen to familiarise themselves with basic technique so they can plan their own espalier systems.

Cost $40, limited numbers.

See you there!

Nik Magnus
Woodbridge Fruit Trees

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